Veterinary Biochemistry

1. About the Department :

The Department previously was in the Department of Physiology but during the 80's it became a full-fledged department, catering to the need of both undergraduate & postgraduate teaching and has catered to the need of post-graduate research in several Departments of Bihar Veterinary College, Patna. The department also assists the faculty in disease diagnosis. The Department was nourished and developed by Dr. M. Murtuza and after his untimely death the Department sans any faculty members till date.

2. Mandate/ Objective :

  • To impart quality education in Veterinary Biochemistry.
  • To strengthen research in Veterinary Biochemistry.

3. Faculty Position :


Dr. Anil Gattani

Asstt. Professor



Dr. Ajeet Kumar

Asstt. Professor



4. Teaching :

This Department of Biochemistry is primarily a teaching Department and offers following undergraduate courses:

  • VBC - 111 General Veterinary Biochemistry
  • VBC - 121 Physiological Chemistry
  • VBC - 122 Introduction to Molecular Biology
  • VBC - 411 Veterinary Clinical Biochemistry

Apart from these minor courses were offered to post-graduate students of various departments.

5. Research :

The Department has a very good infrastructure for advance biochemical research of blood and other tissue fluids. The research project on biochemical and hematological studies of Tuberculin positive cows is successfully being conducted. Besides, the department is continuing to collaborate with different research projects of Surgery, Parasitology and Gynaecology departments.