Welcome to Bihar Veterinary College, Patna

Bihar Veterinary College, Patna, the 5th oldest Veterinary College in undivided India was founded on 2nd April, 1927 by Sir Henry Wheeler, the then Governor of Bihar & Orissa. The buildings were completed, laboratories were equipped and teaching & professional staff joined the alma mater in 1930. However, the college started functioning w.e.f. 7th April, 1927.  The College made tremendous progress under the under the guidance and supervision of Dr. R. T. Davis, the first Principal of this historic College with a team of renowned scientists specialized in Breeding, Feeding, Management and Disease control of Livestock & Poultry species. During the post independence period, Bihar Veterinary College developed to its full capacity and occupied a prestigious status associated with strong academic base for teaching and research in the field of Veterinary Science and Animal Husbandry as well as advanced Veterinary clinical services to the society. This institution acquired world-wide recognition for Human Resource Development through excellent teaching by qualified, experienced and committed faculty members..............Read More